Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Strong Island Native Drops Science on the Sean Bell Debacle

Fellow blogger William H. Sunday is doing some hard hitting commentary on the NYPD's latest criminal killing of an unarmed black civilian. Check him out at his site Dallaspenn.com...You Can't Handle The Truth.

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Billy X. Sunday said...

Thanks for the shout. been reading your posts regarding race and I.D. and have been dying to ropes jump in.

The only problem is that you are swinging double dutch ropes and I can't jump that fast.

I will get involved soon to help you through your biracial quandry although I publicly wonder why you stop at only two races? I feel a triracial component in your background, possibly asian or mexican. Look into it.

Jennifer said...

Ah you are a wise one, Mr. Sunday. Indeed, there is more in the mix, but imagine trying to add the third rope in this series? Personal and socio-economic history? I can't even jump that fast! I'll have to address my paternal side after I fully recover from writing these...