Thursday, December 28, 2006


350 Drawers, 225' Long

Moved and heartbroken by the profound loss inflicted by Katrina, New Orleans' artist Jana Na
poli attempts to preserve a small part of what the levees could not. Constructed of more than 300 drawers salvaged from heaps of trash along the curbside of flooded neighborhoods, Floodwall speaks of what was lost to Katrina and what remains of New Orleans. It defies death and reasserts the spirit of the city — made up of the vibrant, diverse culture and history of New Orleans that is tied to neighborhoods, material culture, traditions, and most importantly people.

January 4 – February 9, 2007

7am-11pm daily
World Financial Center
Liberty Street Bridge
Enter at One World Financial Center, corner of Liberty Street and South End Avenue
New York, New York
New York Floodwall exhibition designed by Whirlwind Creative

Floodwall co-presented by arts > World Financial Center and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

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