Friday, December 15, 2006

Afropop's Picks for 2006

Afropop Worldwide has chosen their top ten "stocking stuffers" for 2006 - and might I say it's quite a nice selection!

, "Ketukuba" (Stern's Africa) (Senegal)
Various Artists, "African Guitar Summit 2" (CBC Records)
Ali Farka Touré, "Savane" (World Circuit/Nonesuch) (Mali) - A giant of African music who passed this year.
Cheikh Lô, "Lamp Fall" (World Circuit/Nonesuch) (Senegal)
Various Artists, "Congotronics 2 Buzz 'N' Rumble From the Urb 'N' Jungle" (Crammed Discs) (Congo) - Don't bother with this second volume in the series...the Konono No.1 album is far better, but for the full experience you MUST see them live!
Etran Finatawa, "Introducing Etran Finatawa" (World Music Network) (Niger)
Marisa Monte, "Universo au Meu Redor" (EMI) (Brazil)
Salif Keita, "M'Bemba" (Decca) (Mali) - Love this record from start to finish...a moody trip that grew on me with more plays.
Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, "Living Like A Refugee" (ANTI- Records) (Sierra Leone)
Thomas Mapfumo "Rise Up" (Real World) (Zimbabwe)

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