Monday, June 19, 2006

The African Game

When you see more and more folks rockin' those neon yellow Brazil t-shirts, you know that World Cup fever is in the air! I admit that like most Americans I was only nominally interested, until last week when Ghana put the smack down on Czech Republic. Did he really score that goal in just over a minute into the game? Damn!

Those with real love in their hearts do a far better job than me at sharing why football ( is such a kick-ass sport - no pun intended. There is of course the classic autobiography Pele, My Life and the Beautiful Game by the Afro-Brazilian legend. But there are two more recent additions that look like a good read regardless of one's level of interest in the sport itself. Franklin Foer of New Republic fame penned How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization, which blends his lifelong love for the sport with his career interest in international politics.

The second, The African Game, is a book of photography and essays that delves into contemporary life in the continent using football ( as a medium. Nigerian-born filmmaker/photgrapher Andrew Dosunmu and Brooklyn-based writer Knox Robinson collaborate to bring much-needed, modern stories of African people to life. An exhibit of Dosunmu's work is coming up on June 22 at Brooklyn's Rotunda Gallery.

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